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Auto-Assembling/Auto-Conforming with an EDL

“Auto-assembling” refers to the process of using an EDL to assemble audio into Pro Tools from your original sound rolls. If you didn’t digitize/assemble your audio at full resolution (24bit/48khz), or you digitized quickly and didn’t pay attention to levels, then you should re-assemble.

The current software for auto-assembling audio from sound rolls is either Titan, or the field recorder matching features in Pro Tools. For conforming already cut Pro Tools sessions for picture changes or re-balancing, Conformalizer or Editrace are solid choices.

Avid (Media Composer) Prep List

Now that Apple has effectively killed Final Cut with the new “X” version, Media Composer is back again. One of the benefits of cutting on an Avid has always been its AAF/OMF export option, which allows you to export your audio edits right into a Pro Tools session, along with handles, fades, and clip names/descriptions. Before using the AAF/OMF export feature, you should be sure that the original digitizing/assembly was done properly. If the audio was digitized/assembled with poor levels or the wrong resolution, then you should re-assemble before doing the OMF export. Audio Files should be 24bit/48khz.

Here’s a list of requirements to prepare for your Sound Team.

  • In your sequence include 2 pops on all tracks heads and tails as well as a copy of your rough mix (also with 2 pops).
  • Include room tones for each and every scene.
  • As mentioned above, if the original audio was assembled/digitized at 
the correct resolution, go ahead and do your OMF export.
  • Provide your OMF export on a firewire drive.
  • Provide a Quicktime of your film/video. See turnover specs details.
  • Provide a copy of your final EDL. See turnover specs details.
  • Provide access to all original sound rolls/sources and paperwork.