FinalCut X AAF Export with X2Pro

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Exporting projects from Final Cut Pro X

Within Final Cut Pro X, select a project from the Project Library and choose “Export XML…” from the File menu. This will generate an .fcpxml file that can be imported into X2Pro (see below).

If the project contains any auditions, then these must be Finalized within FCP before the project is exported.

Selecting Final Cut XML in X2Pro

Import the Final Cut XML into X2Pro either by browsing using the source “Browse…” button on the application window, or by dragging the Final Cut XML file onto the source section.

When a new file is selected, a summary of the project will be displayed beneath the Final Cut XML file name. In addition, the source file name will be used to generate a default destination AAF filename.

Changing destination AAF folder

The destination folder is chosen via the destination “Browse…” button. You cannot change the name of the destination AAF.


  1. You can choose to embed or reference audio media [PRO] in the AAF that X2Pro creates. Please note:
    • Referenced media can only be WAV media, any other media must be embedded and will be converted to PCM if required.
    • There are settings to control behaviour with multi-channel files and non-referencable files in the Media Handling Preferences window.
    • Referenced media must be manually relinked by file name within Pro Tools.
  2. Select Reference audio files in place: to include references in the AAF for PCM audio files [PRO].
  3. When X2Pro embeds audio media in the AAF you can choose to trim this embedded audio [PRO] by selecting the Trim embedded audio: option. You can define the length of these handles in the Media Handling Preferences window.
  4. Further settings are available in the Preferences window which you can access through the X2Pro Audio Convert menu or with the Cmd +”,” (comma) shortcut.


You can define how FCP X Roles are mapped onto AAF Tracks [PRO] by selecting the Roles button. You can read more information on roles on the X2Pro site.


Performing the conversion

Once the Final Cut XML file has been chosen and you are happy with the destination and settings, press the Start button to begin the conversion. X2Pro Audio Convert will check to see that it has permission to access all of the media locations. If any are inaccessible, you will be invited to change the Media Locations in the X2Pro Preferences. Select “Yes” and see Media Locations.

As the transfer starts, an attached progress panel will appear that shows the current status of the conversion along with a progress bar. Depending upon the length of the project (and the length of the audio clips referenced by the project), this can take some time.

The conversion can be cancelled at any time using the Cancel button on the progress panel.