Straight Outta Tompkins Audio Editorial Mix

Mixing and Sound Design for Zephyr Benson’s debut feature. A gritty, cautionary tale of a young drug dealer in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Straight Outta Tompkins was shot on the Canon’s EOS C300. DP Brandon Roots recently relied on Canon’s EOS C300 cinema camera to give the unique gritty yet high-quality cinematic style.

Audio editorial and mix for 21-year-old director Zephyr Benson's debut film

Audio editorial and mix for 21-year-old director Zephyr Benson’s debut film

The son of accomplished director, screenwriter, actor and educator Robby Benson, Zephyr Benson was introduced to filmmaking early on by accompanying his father to film sets and sitting-in on his lectures at various universities and film schools. Chief among the lessons he learned was that moviemaking is hard work.

Robbie Benson

Zephyr’s father, Robbie Benson in his studio composing the film score

“A lot of challenges can be thrown at you every day,” said Zephyr. “Many young filmmakers don’t realize this at first. You can spend hours just setting up one shot so it looks right and then everything can suddenly go wrong. Then you’ve got to brainstorm and figure out how to make it right, which is the challenge of filmmaking and one of the reasons why I love it.”



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