Depending on the size of the project, we four-wall different studios in town.

Two featured studios we partner with:

Digital Jungle

Hollywood, CA

Digital Jungle offers a 7.1 Surround Mix Room – equipped with the state-of-the-art Avid S6 Controller, Pro Tools 11HD, Source Connect, AC3 – Dolby E – DTS encoding/decoding and Dolby loudness metering.

Our ADR/Voice Over stage spans a spacious 25’x 20’. Comprehensive audio services include Mixing, Sound Design, Dialog/Fx Editing, ADR, Voice Over and Audio Deliverables.

Digital Jungle Hollywood

Digital Jungle, Hollywood, CA


Audio Head

West Hollywood, CA

Audio Head is located in the heart of Hollywood on the historic landmark studio property currently named The Lot. Once home to the creation of United Artist, into the legendary Samuel Goldwyn Studios, and most recently Warner Hollywood Studios, Audio Head continues its long-standing relationship with the entertainment industry’s top filmmakers by providing the very best in post-production services.


Audio Head, West Hollywood, CA